With cross contamination being at the top of the list of infection issues that many hospitals face today it is more important than ever
to reduce the incidence of avoidable harm. Many questions are raised when considering the best and safest solution. In terms of the choice between single use or reusable laryngoscopes; personal preference, hospital guidelines and overall costs seem to be the major deciding factors.

The key to ensuring the reduction of the risk of cross contamination is to ensure that all laryngoscope products are clean and ready to use each time. Therefore it is vital that single use laryngoscopes are disposed of after use to guarantee that they will not be reused on the same patient or on others.

Our single use laryngoscopes are provided ready to use and despite their limited life, all of our single use products are made to provide the highest level of clinical performance whilst remaining economical enough to be disposed of after use. With the growing problems surrounding resilient virus strains and prions, guidance by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) indicates that single use devices are to be preferred (see Infection Control in Anaesthesia 2nd Edition, 2008). Single use airway products are now seen as a vital part of combating infection risk in anaesthesia.

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