Tired of making the choice between quality and price?

Now you don’t have to with the Timesco Tournibutton Single Use Tourniquet.

We understand there are significant financial challenges within healthcare today and we want to help you save money whilst not compromising on quality. The Timesco Tournibutton single use tourniquet is a quality product offering savings of up to 65%* when compared to other single use tourniquets available on the market. Use our simple online calculator to see how much you can save when you switch to the Timesco Tournibutton. The calculator is available at www.timesco.com/gift .

Healthcare associated infections are estimated to cost the NHS approximately £1 billion a year¹. Switching to a single use tourniquet will provide ongoing savings and increase patient safety. As it is effectively impossible to disinfect reusable tourniquets, single use tourniquets are recommended to protect against cross infection².

The latex free Tournibutton uses a soft, elasticated material for patient comfort. For larger arms multiple Tournibuttons can conveniently be joined together. The Tournibutton is easy to reposition & tighten. It also features a simple single handed release for quick removal. You can check the quality for yourself by requesting a free sample on +44(0)1268 297789.

The Timesco Tournibutton: Quality at a competitive price.

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E: sales@timesco.com

(References:    1. Mantle S. “Reducing HCAI – What the Commissioner needs to know.” NHS England (2015): 8.       2. Golder, M., et al. “Potential risk of cross-infection during peripheral-venous access by contamination of tourniquets.” The Lancet 355.9197 (2000): 44.)

*65% saving based on NHS Supply Chain catalogue, October 2016 edition

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