Join us at the OTA Annual Conference 2017 from 22nd to 24th September 2017 at the Jurys’ Inn, Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicester.

The OTA organise and manage a Conference every year, usually in September. The Conferences are well attended due to being open to all and they have a wide range of speakers and workshops available. The Conference provides an educational experience and excellent networking opportunities. Also this year there will be a Workshop on the Friday afternoon covering Focused Rigidity Casting, this will be free for delegates to the conference and £25 to others – you can book online here.

The theme for the Conference and for the Conference Dinner is “The Roaring 20s”. The OTA Annual Conference 2017 Programme can be found below:

OTA Annual Conference 2017 – The Programme

Interactive Workshop – Friday 22nd
Focused Rigidity Casting – Led by Chris Wardman
The definitive article from the people who brought FRC to the UK

Interactive Workshops – Saturday Afternoon
Hip Spica
Humeral Shaft Fracture _ Treatment Options
Scoliosis and the I Pad Scanner
Introduction to X Lite Thermolastic Casting Techniques

Main Hall Presentations -Saturday 23rd
Bone Metastases                      Graham Radcliffe
Compound Fracture of the Tibia      Steve Milner
Rickets and Osteomalacia           Assad Qureshi
Continuing Care of the Person with Major Trauma      Clive Bezzina
Legal Issues – Documentation            Marc Cornock

Interactive Training & Education Modules (ITEM) – Workshops – Sunday 24th

Wounds Under Casts
Issues Related to the Hip
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Casting
Knee Cruciate Ligament Ruptures

We will be exhibiting many of our wide range of plaster instruments and we are pleased to continue to offer you our great quality reusable surgical instruments via NHS supply chain. They are suitable for everyday hospital use whilst remaining competitively priced to support efforts to reduce costs to the NHS. To order any of the Timesco surgical instruments available on the new Framework Agreement FAG16218, simply contact our dedicated sales support team ensuring that you quote the relevant NHS Supply Chain codes (NPC) details of which can be found here.

Call: 01268 297710
Email: sales@timesco.com

We hope to see you there and if you’d like to hear more, the full 2016 conference report is available here.