The Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group reported 237 incidents which caused “moderate” harm to NHS patients between April and June 2017. In addition, there were 23 incidents resulting in “severe” harm and a further 19 which caused the death of a patient. According to the NHS National Reporting and Learning System, drug errors occur in one out of every 133 anaesthetics, but could be avoided if support and guidance was better implemented.

As the largest group of hospital-based specialists in the NHS, anaesthetists have a role to play in everything from surgery to childbirth. Because they are involved in so many varied procedures, it is critical that anaesthetists are fully up to date with innovations in clinical care, the latest advances in technology and new approaches to patient safety.

The significant need for anaesthetists across the NHS means improved staffing and workforce planning are paramount to delivering improved patient outcomes. However, as often can be the case with anaesthesia, there are unexpected complications resulting in the need for experienced and properly staffed units available with the skills and coordination to respond to emergencies. Therefore having the right skills in the right place is huge part in improving patient care pathways and requires proper workforce planning, however this is an obvious area of anaesthesia where spending can be reduced through rigorous staff allocation planning.

Join us for the Anaesthesia Conference 2018 where leading experts from across the healthcare sector will deliver innovative case studies on the latest developments in the profession including clinical innovations, workforce planning improvements in patient safety.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Prioritising patient safety, ensuring safer outcomes for the patient and reducing medical error
  • Reducing time pressures through effective staff scheduling and workforce planning
  • Resiliency training: maximising performance, professional identity and judgement for the profession
  • Delivering quality outcomes for patients in emergency care undergoing surgery
  • Ensuring a high quality of care in all procedures whilst delivering efficiency in care
  • Exploring commissioning and operating under the pressure of cost saving across the NHS
  • The role technology can play in anaesthetics: where does it add real value in clinical use
  • Evaluating reported data and reviewing case studies in order to develop practice and standards across the board
  • Practicalities and considerations for anaesthesia in paediatrics, specifically in the context of ITU
  • When routine anaesthesia goes wrong and minimising risk of complications and error – before, during and after
  • Mitigating additional risk to patients through better training on how obesity and pregnancy impact anaesthesia judgements

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