How much could you save? 

Switch to the Timesco endotracheal tube range and save up to 70%*.

We understand there are significant financial challenges within healthcare today and we want to help you save money whilst not compromising on quality. The Timesco endotracheal tube range are available to buy now for up to 70%* less than similar products available from alternative suppliers.

We have created a simple online calculator to enable you to quickly establish the potential savings by switching to the Timesco endotracheal tube range. To calculate how much you can save, visit today.

It’s important that the end user is satisfied with the products that we supply. We have ensured that our endotracheal tubes are of a comparable quality to other leading brands and meet the standards/expectations for the performance of short duration tubes. You can check the quality for yourself by requesting a free sample on +44(0)1268 297710.

As a supplier to the NHS and private sector with over 50 years’ experience, Timesco are a reputable brand able to provide the best products and solutions for you. We supply a range of compatible intubation products, assuring you of quality and consistency for the procurement of intubation products.

All of our products are available to order direct with our dedicated sales department. You can contact them directly via:

Alternatively you can order via the NHS supply chain catalogue

(70% saving based on the average selling price of similar products in the NHS Supply Chain catalogue, October 2016 edition)

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Timesco are the U.K’s premier manufacturer of medical devices for Anaesthesia, Surgery, Podiatry and Primary Care since 1964.