Join us at The Operating Theatres Conference  where leading experts will discuss the future of surgery in the NHS. Topics will include the newest innovations in surgical technologies, the implications of the latest Government health policies and the role the private sector can play in addressing staff shortages.

An October 2017 report by NHS Improvement found that two hours of surgery are being lost every day due to poor scheduling. It estimated that NHS hospitals could perform an additional 280,000 routine operations a year through better planning and organisation. In May 2016, official NHS statistics revealed more than 74,000 last minute cancellations of hospital operations in England, the highest in 15 years. Staff shortages, pressure on A&E departments and a lack of available social care for discharged patients are thought to be the main causes. The vote to leave the European Union has also raised concerns about potential recruitment problems. Meanwhile, new technologies such as 3D printing and surgical robotics look set to change the way doctors operate.

“Everyone in the NHS will be pulling out all the stops to make sure all patients get their surgery as quickly as possible.” – NHS England

You can view the full agenda here

*This Conference is CPD Accredited*

Why Attend?                  

  • Discover innovative new strategies for maximising the efficiency of operating theatres and learn from real life examples of successful best practice in action.
  • Come and explore our exhibition, where leading manufacturers and suppliers of operating theatre technology will showcase exciting and innovative products. Enjoy the opportunity to examine and test new technology, learn how it can be used to improve standards and outcomes, and forge lasting business    partnerships.
  • Connect with over 200 high quality delegates who specialise in designing, using and managing operating theatres, problem solve shared challenges, and learn from the expertise of others.
  • Attend a variety of topical seminars, engaging interactive activities, and keynote panel discussions with operating theatre specialists.
  • Quiz regional and national experts from across the NHS on best practice and the latest solutions to common challenges.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An overview of the current pressure operating theatres in the UK are under.
  • An understanding the role government can play to alleviate staffing shortages in operating theatres.
  • Strategies for delivering an efficient operating theatre pathway from pre-assessment through theatre to discharge using electronic theatre management.
  • Understanding the impact of the risks associated with introducing a 7 day NHS.
  • Ensuring that even in times of over capacity, the best operating theatre care can be given.
  • Improving performance through Simulated Practice and Assessment – understanding the role of technology in operating theatres.
  • Understanding The Assistant Theatre Practitioner (ATP) Scope of Practice – knowing the benefits of this process.
  • How to use cell salvage technology effectively to improve operating care for the patient.
  • Understanding the role that robots are taking in operating theatres in making them safe and effective, for all that need them.
  • Ensuring staff development can be attained through new skills, delivering a sustainable, multi-skilled workforce.

Who should attend?

Operating Theatre Technicians, Surgeons, Operating Theatre Practitioners, Anaesthetists, Theatre Team Leaders, Theatre Managers, Theatre Directors, Surgical Care Practitioners, Surgical Assistants, First Assistant to the Surgeons, Healthcare Assistants, Theatre Support Workers, Assistant Practitioners, Hospital Operating Theatre Porters, Healthcare Assistants, Commissioning Heads, Heads of NHS, Directors of Public Health, Heads of Public Engagement, Directors of Commissioning, Heads of National/Regional Public Health Groups, Heads of Treatment and Prevention , Directors of Strategic Development.

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We will be available on the stand throughout the day at the Operating Theatres Conference and look forward to seeing you there. To make an appointment or for further information in the meantime please call us on +44 (0)1268 297710.