Timesco Europa Laryngoscope blades were developed to provide a low cost real alternative to reusable laryngoscope blades – a single use design without compromising on performance. A clinical evaluation at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, found Europa to be ‘the best single use laryngoscope’ when compared to 5 other blades. Europa performed best in categories i) easy and difficult intubation, ii) percentage of glottis opening visible and iii) minimal use of gum plastic bougie.


Each blade is fitted with 2 ball bearings and a new unique ‘click-lock’ system. These provide a secure fitting to compatible handles with a reassuring click; but also allow repeated re-application for the same patient or for testing (i.e. crash trolleys, kit bags etc.)

All our Europa blades are now ‘No Touch’, a design feature that prevents the blade folding down onto the handle when not in use. This is to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination between the tip of a new clean blade and the barrel of a potentially contaminated handle, see the following clinical references:

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